• The Change Mindset

    Survivalkit for professionals in Change

    • Trend watchers and futurists will flabbergast you with hip and hot examples of new technologies and trends in the world (but they easily skip the part on how to handle them).
    • Motivational speakers will boost the energy of your audience to be open for change (but they often forget to bring all that energy to practical application).
    • Change managers will focus on structures and processes to facilitate change in an organisation (but they might lose track of the professional in the organisation)

    If you are in search of clues on HOW you yourself can keep up with the ever-changing world, then this bookazine is a must-read for you.


    This book is about The Change Mindset.


    HOW do you cope with the changes you see in the world around you?

    Which PRACTICAL tools will help you stay flexible and open to possibilities?

    How can YOU boost your creative and entrepreneurial mindset? And stimulate the mindset of the PEOPLE you work with?


    Sure, change can be frightening. But change doesn’t have to be hard. It all starts with the right mindset. Set your mind to change.

  • Author & Speaker

    Cyriel Kortleven

    Imagine a man coming in. He’s friendly. Joyful. Expressive. Very present to what you want to discuss with him and happy to be of service. His enthusiasm is contagious, his playfulness apparent, his creativity endless. At the same time he is practical and to the point. He knows his stuff. There’s also something you can’t quite put your finger on. A kind of innocence that puts you at ease. An openness that is integer and authentic. Take a deep breath, relax and allow that smile to emerge on your face ...

    You’ve just met Cyriel Kortleven.

    Cyriel is the first Belgian CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and one of only 35 Global Speaking Fellows in the world. But more importantly, Cyriel is on a mission: boosting the creative & entrepreneurial mindset of professionals in change. To that effect I deliver keynotes all over the world and write books around 'The Change Mindset'.

    Are you looking for an inspiring keynote speaker in the area Change? Do you want your audience to leave your event energized and ready for real action? Are the words 'interactive', 'inspiring', 'fun', 'pragmatic tools and tips' and 'lots of energy' resonating with your event goals? Then dive into this bookazine for a quick overview and invite Cyriel as a keynote speaker at one of your events to achieve your goal.

    ‘Cyriel' in 25 words: global speaker, author, Change Mindset, inspirator, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), digital nomad, interaction, less is beautiful, Yes And Act, obstacle run, burning man, loves Liane, present.

  • Other books from

    Cyriel Kortleven

    Less is Beautiful

    This book is written for professionals who operate in business and/or govern- ments and who are looking for ways to gain more results with less effort. You will find a broad spectrum of tools & examples ranging from famous compa- nies such as Google and Apple, which are known for their simple principles, to an unusual social media campaign from Harry Potter’s theme park; or going from the NYC 311 call center to patient-centered hospitals; or tools like the Aunt Bertha test to totally new concepts like nearling or wonder walk.


    This is a book about Time.
    It’s not a book about time-management.
    It’s not a book about the clock.
    It’s a book about Time and the different perspectives on this topic.

    An inspiration source full of images, quotes, nice-to-know, poems and exercises to look from a different perspective to the concept Time.

    Yes and ... Your Business

    A book about the added value of improvisation in organisations. Improvisation helps your organisation to be more innovative and exible. Your projects go faster and employees learn a lot of skills by applying a few principles. The authors (Gijs van Bilsen, Joost Kadijk en Cyriel Kortleven) show how you can lead in complex, changing environments; how you stimulate creativity and how multi-cultural teams collaborate better via improvisation. The target audience are managers and trainers and you will get a grounded theoretical base and more than 70 exercises to add value in your teams to give a boost to your organisation. 18 international experts from all parts of the world have contributed by delivering their favorite exercise for this book.

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